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Buy or sell used car wash equipment with us today. Experience the difference.


We can assist in any way. All you have to do is ask.

Purchasing Equipment

Thrifty Car Wash Systems LLC has been in the business 12 years. We are familiar with all types of equipment. We not only sell car wash equipment, but we also are in the car wash business. Just give us a hint as to what you want and we can point you too the piece of equipment that will best serve you.

Selling Equipment

Thrifty Car Wash Systems spares no money in advertising. We do this simply to get your equipment the exposure that it needs in order to sell it in a speedy manner.

  • Thrifty Car Wash Systems LLC
  • 1605 Washington Street
  • Franklinton, La 70438
  • 985-795-9274
  • Fax: 985-795-9274
  • E-mail: terryscarwash@yahoo.com

Terms of Sale:

  • Please read the disclaimer before proceeding.
  • Thrifty Car Wash Systems, will hold the equipment from selling for no more than 4 working days. A certified check or money order must be sent promptly, or a wire transfer must be complete within 4 days of confirming you are still buying the equipment. If payment is not received in 4 days, the equipment is then considered available for sale. If others are waiting in line to purchase the equipment, they receive the same 4 day holding period.
  • Item must be paid in full and check must be cleared at bank before the equipment can be shipped.
  • Contact Thrifty Car Wash Systems LLC, for any questions on equipment.
  • Seller will be paid with a company check from Thrifty Car Wash Systems LLC. There will be a $25 charge for funds sent over night or via wire transfer.

Please email us at terryscarwash@yahoo.com with your product listing. If you are interested in buying or selling please contact 985-795-9274. Some of the items you may want to include are:

  • Manufacturer name and model of equipment
  • State where equipment is located
  • Car count on equipment
  • Whether this is a touch-less or brush system
  • Name and phone number
  • Email address

List Your Equipment


You will need to contact us by filling out the form below before you can begin listing items. To receive login info and be able to post you will need to agree to the terms below.

Posting Terms:

  • When you have agreed to allow Thrifty Car Wash Systems LLC to post your equipment for sale on terryscarwash.com, it is understood that you have read, understand, and agree to the our disclaimer.
  • You must provide Thrifty Car Wash Systems with complete information about the equipment you wish to post. We MUST have PHOTOS of equipment. Photos are what sell equipment. People want to see what they are buying. We also need all information about your equipment as mentioned above.
  • You also agree the information about your equipment is truthful. The equipments shape must be just as you describe it, excellent, fair, or poor. A non-refundable commission on all equipment is 20% for all items. The asking price plus commission will be posted on terryscarwash.com.  NO FEE FOR LISTING YOUR ITEM.  COMMISION COLLECTED WHEN ITEM SELLS ONLY. 
  • All checks from the buyer should be made payable to Thrifty Car Wash Systems LLC. Thrifty Car Wash Systems will pay the seller the final amount agreed at the time of sale.
  • All shipping is to be paid by the buyer. If there are additional removal and crating charges, the buyer will be responsible for the charges.
  • To complete the listing the disclaimer must be reviewed and signed.
  • From time to time buyers will have questions to ask the owners of the equipment. These questions will be sent to us at terryscarwash@yahoo.com. We will then contact owner with questions and relay the answers back to the possible buyer. When Thrifty Car Wash Systems contacts seller with questions on their equipment, we REQUIRE A QUICK RESPONSE to the buyers questions. Failure to respond quickly will result in the listing being removed. Quick returned answers result in quick sales!


You can contact us by phone or email or simply by filling out the form below!

  • Thrifty Car Wash Systems LLC
  • Phone: 985-795-9274
  • Email: terryscarwash@yahoo.com


Disclaimer Information for the Seller as Applicable
My DISCLAIMER is REAL SIMPLE.  Thrifty Car Wash Systems is in no way responsible for any of the following:  the condition of the equipment, the price of the equipment, or the listing of the equipment.  We SIMPLY are a service that helps customers buy or sell their equipment through the use of our website and our friendly services.  We will expedite the process any way possible to better serve our customers.  Just click the box below to agree to disclaimer. Please print out disclaimer for your records. 
   By submitting this form I am agreeing to the terms and conditions described above.

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